Chicago holds multi-agency meeting to prepare for potential unrest after election


CHICAGO – A multi-agency city seminar took place Thursday to prepare for whatever happens after the November election.

Enhanced coordination is key to responding effectively to any kind of public upheaval, should there be any, when the polls close on Election Day, organizers said.

CPD Supt. Brown stressed peaceful gathering are always welcome, but anything that goes beyond that will not be tolerated, officials said.

Brown said there have been no specific threats so far.

“From those lessons learned over the summer, we are planning for that to be a feature of peaceful protests,” Brown said. “A slight embedment of people who have no intention of protesting, but every intention of committing crime.”

Several weeks ago, the city staged a response drill involving hundreds of officers, firefighters and more.

There may be one more response drill before Election Day, officials said.


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