Chicago gun violence down for 14th straight month, police say

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CHICAGO — The city of Chicago saw a decrease in gun violence for the 14th consecutive month in April, according to new data from the Chicago Police Department.

Since January, Chicago has seen a 22 percent drop in murders and a 27 percent decrease in shootings compared to the same time period in 2017. That’s still 146 murders between Jan. 1, 2018, and April 30, 2018, with 710 shooting victims in the same time frame, data shows.

Robberies and car thefts are also on the decline, down 14 percent each from last year.

Overall citywide crime has dropped 12 percent from 2017, police said.

“Although we have much work ahead of us to achieve our goals,” Supt. Eddie Johnson said in a statement, “I’m proud of the work our men and women have done — in partnership with residents and community leaders — to drive fourteen months of sustained gun violence reductions in Chicago.”

Johnson credits the downtick in reported crime to smart policing strategies, gunshot detection devices, surveillance cameras and new cellphone technology. As of Sunday, there are five new patrol vehicles with license-plate readers to help quickly identify stolen cars. Since 2017, the city has added more than 1,000 new officers; 108 began working in April.

Chicago gun violence, by the numbers:

Murders, January 1 to April 30
2016: 181
2017: 188
2018: 146

Murders, April 1-30
2016: 37
2017: 48
2018: 38

Shootings, January 1 to April 30
2016: 925
2017: 810
2018: 595

Shooting victims, January 1 to April 30
2016: 1119
2017: 1014
2018: 710

Shootings, April 1-30
2016: 252
2017: 245
2018: 173

Shooting victims, April 1-30
2016: 318
2017: 305
2018: 209


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