Crane removes fire engine from partially collapse parking garage

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CHICAGO —Crews worked for several hours Tuesday to remove a Chicago Fire Department engine that became stuck after a South Shore parking garage partially collapsed. Chicago Fire Department Engine No. 126 was responding to the parking garage for Symphony of South Shore nursing home, located at 2425 E. South Shore Drive around 10:40 a.m. Officials said the fire engine and an ambulance had responded to a medical emergency at the nursing home. No. 126 responds to the area quite frequently and parked in its usual spot when the concrete underneath it gave way.  The engine’s two front wheels were unsupported over the hole.  The engine’s front bumper still had contact with the ground and was holding the truck in place.   Officials said the driver of the engine was able to escape by crawling out the rear door. He was transported to the hospital with back pain and is in stable condition. No other injuries were reported. All the water was drained out of the engine, but at its remaining 38,000 pounds, the engine was difficult to safely remove. Around 4 p.m., officials began to assemble a crane to lift the engine out of the hole. About two hours later, crews working with the crane were able to back the engine up so it was no longer in danger. The engine was able to drive away.

One dilemma remains however and that is getting the rest of the vehicles out of the garage. About 20 vehicles remain, including a police SUV.

Crews plan to work on a temporary solution Wednesday and it may involve steel plates to cover the hole.



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