Chicago enforcing new disabled parking placard law

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Chicago has just started enforcing a new Illinois law that affects disability parking placards.

The law allows free metered parking for drivers who have new gray and yellow placards displayed.

Drivers would need to confirm that they need that benefit because they lack fine motor control of both hands, need to use a wheelchair, cannot reach 42 inches from the ground, or walk more than 20 feet.

The new law started New Year’s Day, but the City of Chicago offered a 15 day grace period.

Tickets will be issued starting January 16, 2014.

Blue placards will entitle people in parking lots, but they do not let them park for free in metered spots.

Secretary of State facilities are not authorized to issue Persons with Disabilities License Plates or permanent parking placards.

Plates and permanent placards may only be issued through the Springfield office.


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