Chicago crowd marches in peaceful protest of Zimmerman verdict

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Nearly 200 people rallied tonight outside a south side high school to peacefully protest the George Zimmerman verdict.

The march began at 51st and King Drive in the city’s Washington Park neighborhood and then moved north and east to King High School on Drexel, about two miles away.
The group was made of mostly African Americans, varying in age.  Some were from college fraternities and sororities.

It only seemed to grow in size and volume as the march moved through the streets, turning heads, getting applause and honks from passing cars.

The event was largely about the George Zimmerman verdict. Zimmerman was found not guilty Saturday in the death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida.

Some wore hoodies and carried Arizona fruit juice and Skittles, like Martin did the night he was killed last year.

The march, passing just five blocks away from President Obama’s Kenwood home is a peaceful sign, these demonstrators say, to voice their opinion against the jury’s verdict.
It is just one of many that have happened here in Chicago and across the country since Martin’s death.
Another rally is scheduled for tomorrow at 63rd Street beach starting at 5pm.


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