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CHICAGO — One of the 49 victims gunned down inside the Orlando nightclub Sunday had recently moved from Chicago to Orlando to start a new life.

28-year-old Angel Luis Candelario-Padro was originally from Puerto Rico.

After moving from Puerto Rico, Candelario spent two years in Chicago working at the Illinois Eye Institute on the campus of the Illinois College of Optometry.

He quickly rose from a customer service associate to an eye technician.

Roseanna Thompson was Candelario’s supervisor.

“He was a high spirit,” she said.  “A person who just gave pleasure to everybody he met. He was an individual. He walked into the room and you just lit up.”

Yesterday, word of Candelario’s death spread at the South Side clinic.

“It really hurt of course,” Roseanna said. “ It was not palatable at all  and it made a lot of people ill. We’re trying to remember him as this lively person.  We’re trying to remember his life and not be depressed and not allow this horrific incident, this tragedy to carry on.”

 After two years in Chicago, Candelario relocated to Florida in March. He wanted to pursue new opportunities.

Candelario  had just started a new job in Orlando on Thursday.

On Saturday, he and his boyfriend went to Pulse with friends.  His boyfriend was also wounded.

Friends and co-workers are preparing for a private Chicago memorial service.