Chicago Catholic students pray for a Cubs win

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CHICAGO — There’s an undeniable glow at St. Viator Catholic Church on the city’s Northwest Side. Elementary school students, teachers and staff were celebrating the feast of Saint Viator, but also offering up prayers for the Cubs.

“Divine intervention definitely!” said St. Viator teacher Don Slawik. “I come from a family of die-hard Cubs fans, and I know my mother and father are looking down, and they’re doing what they can up there to help them win also.”

It’s hard not to think about it as St. Viator is just four miles west of Wrigley Field on Addison. Excitement over the Cubs playoff run impossible to contain.

“I love that Joe Maddon, he just got a bunch of young guys and he just totally changed the team. And they just keep trying until they get to the World Series and break the curse,” said one young boy.

The Good Lord isn’t a Dodger or a Cub. But as these faithful Catholics will tell you, in regards to the infamous curse, good always conquers evil.

“We always want to pray for everyone to do their best, and we want for everyone to be safe…but meanwhile we want a little something extra for this city,” a St. Viator staffer said.

As they head back to class these boisterous young students say they’re keeping the faith when it comes to Chicago. And lifting their hopes for a historic World Series title.


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