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CHICAGO — Chicago is getting ready for the first big winter blast to hit the area Sunday, as overnight snow and falling temperatures could make Monday’s commute to work a big mess. With snow, wind and freezing temperatures moving in, Chicago will be in the midst of a Winter Weather Advisory as a likely miserable Monday unfolds. Commuters should expect their trip to work to take longer than usual. As much as six inches of snow are possible overnight, followed by temperatures possibly falling to record lows during the day and into the evening, dipping 20 to 25 degrees from Sunday’s relatively mild temperatures.
“It makes me feel very sad, when I think about it possibly dropping in temperature, it reminds me of the polar vortex last year and I just hope we’re not heading that way again,” resident Chasity Boyce said. Monday will likely look much different than Sunday. With snow under foot and steam above, it’ll be the kind of day for a hood and a hat as fall fades to wintry weather. “I’ve been living in Chicago all my life. You kind of get used to it,” resident Andres Ochoa said. Aside from the headaches expected on the roads, there could be other weather-related challenges. Cook County is opening warming centers to those in need in the city and suburbs.