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NORTHBROOK, Ill. – Victims of the Las Vegas mass shooting will soon get a visit from comfort dogs in the Chicago area.

LLC K-9 Comfort Dogs from Lutheran Church Charities and their handlers are on their way to Las Vegas to bring comfort to those hurt in the shooting.

The church posted about their visit on their website and Facebook page and said they will be at Sunrise Hospital to be with patients and hospital staff during this difficult time.

The organization has a network affiliate already there, and sent a second wave of those trademark golden retrievers. They sent seven of them along with 10 comfort workers.

The organization has a link set up for those that want to donate to help fund their trip.


Lutheran Church Charities began its comfort dog program after Hurricane Katrina and now has about 100 dogs nationwide.

The organization said the emotional support a comfort dog provides can be a significant part of the healing process.

The dogs also went to Texas to help flooding victims.