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CHICAGO — Chicago Teachers Union educators at 15 UNO/Acero schools just announced a strike date.

That work stoppage is set for Tuesday, December 4.

This affects more than 500 teachers and staff members, along with 8,000 students.

The union says it’s fighting for better pay, smaller classes, and more special education funding.

“Our question for Acero is this,” said special education apprentice Andy Crooks, “do we have students or do we have customers? Is this about education? Is this about educational justice? Is this about giving our students, and our families, an opportunity to succeed or is this about your bottom dollar?”

Ninety-eight percent of the Acero school educators voted to approve the work stoppage.

“Our bosses are a problem at all of our schools,” said Chris Baehrend the chair of the CTU’s charter division. “The days of them taking our taxes and not spending it in the classroom, and short changing our students, are over. These are our schools, and if we have to shut them down to make our employers do what’s right, we’ll do that. This is about changing the charter industry.

If the strike happens, it will be the first one in America to ever happen at a charter school.

UNO/Acero has not commented on the new strike date.