Bail denied for CEO charged in shooting death of ex-pro basketball player

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PLAINFIELD, Ill. —  Bail was denied for a suburban man charged with murdering a man who he thought was a romantic rival.

Investigators say 51-year-old Jeffrey Keller, the CEO of an Oak Brook-based internet company, is responsible for gunning down 37-year-old Nathan Fox.

Fox grew up in Plainfield and budded into a basketball star who went on to play 13 years in the European league.

Prosecutors say Keller believed Fox was having a relationship with a love interest by the name of “Catie.”

Catie at one time worked with Fox at an insurance company, and admitted to having an “emotional” relationship with the internet executive.

On the night of Dec. 22, investigators say Fox was shot twice as he got out of his car, in front the Bloomingdale townhouse he shared with his girlfriend.

Police say Keller admitted to stalking Fox leading up to the murder, and admitted to a friend to being the trigger-man in Fox’s death.

Investigators say Keller voluntarily drove himself to the police station Wednesday and was eventually arrested.

Keller lives in Hinsdale home with an estimated value of $1.3 million with his wife and four children.

His next court date is Jan. 21.


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