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LOS ANGELES — Chance the Rapper received an award for his humanitarian work in Chicago at the 2017 BET Awards Sunday night.

The awards show had technical blunders and great performances, but possibly the most memorable moment was when Chicago’s Chance the Rapper was introduced by former First Lady Michelle Obama.

Obama said in a taped message that Chance is an “outstanding role model.”

At 24, Chance is the youngest recipient of the BET Humanitarian Award. He acknowledged this honor, saying, “My God doesn’t make mistakes. And I like to think he puts this immense pressure on me to see how I react.”

His acceptance speech made it clear that he is just getting started, calling out many organizations including the Chicago public school system and the judicial system, before stating that he also wants to become a bigger influence outside the community.

“I’m a good man, and I will be a better man,” he said.