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CHICAGO — Outside Nando’s Peri-Peri the crowds grew, if not for chicken, just for the chance to see Chance the Rapper.

Inside Nando’s, the Grammy award winner worked the grill, cooking up the signature dish and talked about the kids of Chicago on this first day back at CPS.

“Congratulations on the first day of school I hope that it is a fruitful year. And you have a fun and amazing experiences and that things are maybe a little easier than they were last year,” he said.

Through Thursday, Nando’s is donating all proceeds from food sales to Chance the Rapper’s non-profit, Social Works, which has already given millions to CPS to support arts education.

“If it involves cooking the chicken and helping the kids, I’m down,” said Chance.

Some fans stood in line for hours for the chance just to get in.

“He came right over here and served us chicken. And I wasn’t expecting it so I was really like ‘whoa. Chance. That’s for me?’  So we’re really having a great time here and we’re just so happy we were a part of it today,” said Kim Adams, a fan of Chance.

As the night came to a close…Chicago’s own said goodnight.

“Thank you guys again for showing out in numbers.  There’s people across the street.  We got the news here.  This is dope. People should pay attention to this. We’ll fight.  We’ll continue to fight and we will win the fight for equal and equitable funding in the public schools,” said Chance.