Cars crash, Amtrak train collides with vehicle as slick conditions cross the area

Semi-truck crashed near LaGrange Road just over I-55

Wintry weather conditions appear to be the cause of many major accidents across the Chicago suburbs Monday night.

A semi-truck crashed near LaGrange Road just over I-55,  settling with part of the truck sitting dangerously close to the edge of the underpass.

Sources say a multi-vehicle crash stopped traffic going both directions on La Grange Road, and there’s no word yet on any injuries.

In Woodstock, an SUV flipped over after skidding off the road.

Not to far away another car hit a patch of ice and lost control. In both instances, the people in the cars were not seriously injured.

Police departments all over the area are reporting similar slick conditions and warning drivers to stay off the roads unless they absolutely have to.

Salt trucks are also out in full force trying to treat the roads.

In Willow Springs, an Amtrak train hit a car on the tracks. Sources say everyone inside the car got out before the impact, and afterwards the car burst into flames.

It’s not clear if the crash is weather-related, but multiple accidents have been reported across the region.

There are no reports yet of any injuries on board the Amtrak, and it’s unclear when the train will start running again.


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