Cardinal George issues letter opposing gay marriage bill

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Cardinal Francis George issued a letter today urging Catholics to the oppose gay marriage bill.

“Civil laws that establish ‘same sex marriage’ create a legal fiction,” George wrote in the letter. “The State has no power to create something that nature itself tells us is impossible.”

The Illinois general assembly may vote this week on a same-sex marriage bill.

The Cardinal is urging his flock to contact law makers and voice their opposition.

State senator Heather Steans calls her bill the “religious freedom and marriage fairness act.”

But Cardinal Francis George and other Catholic leaders say gay marriage violates natural law.

More than 250 members of Illinois clergy,  mostly Protestant and Jewish, endorse the gay marriage bill  and in a statement from the White House  President  Obama says he would vote for legalizing same-sex marriage if he were still a state senator.

Read the full letter from Cardinal Francis George here

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