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A Chicago woman barely escapes after a truck slams into a grocery store Friday afternoon.

Surveillance video shows Marilyn McDaniel, 61, standing at the lottery machine inside the Farmers Food Basket at 71st and King Drive.

She hears screeching outside and goes to a window to look. A moment later, a pickup truck comes barreling through the store, pinning her leg under an ATM machine. Workers rushed to lift it off.

“If she didn’t go to look out the window, she would have been gone,” said store manager, Abed Zayyad.

Police say the truck struck two cars before slamming into the store. Five people, including two children, were taken to hospitals, fire officials said. None of the injuries is considered life-threatening.

McDaniel’s daughter, Dee Brown, says her mom suffered a broken leg and a gash on her leg. “It’s nothing but God. If she wasn’t one of his angels, she wouldn’t be here,” said Brown.

The driver of the truck was issued traffic citations, police said.