Man claims he bought out Burger King’s pies to spite obnoxious kid

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A Canadian man was visiting a Burger King to grab some lunch, when he couldn’t help but overhear the “out of control” child behind him.

According to PIX11, the man claimed the boy was screaming, punching his mother and throwing his game boy around.

The young boy kept demanding pie, using foul language, not usually heard from the mouth of such a small child.

The man said he asked the mother to calm him down, but she refused.

When he finally made it to the counter, the man decided to take matters into his own hands, and ordered all the pies that the restaurant had left—both hot and cold.

“I decided to ruin their day,” he recalled on a message he posted to Reddit.

The poster said he couldn’t remember exactly how the woman reacted when she was told there were no pies left, but whatever she said, “she was not happy and looking for someone to blame.”

Although the man said the incident took place in early 2012, he recently posted his story to Reddit because he wanted to know if it was the right thing to do.

He wrote that he is remorseful saying, “If you’re (sic) out there, I do apologize for my actions, it was indeed childish of me, and I am sorry.”




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