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A couple from Saskatchewan, Canada was billed $1 million after the mother gave birth during a vacation in Hawaii.

According to the CBC, the mother, Jennifer Huculak-Kimmel, was on holiday last November when the baby arrived nine weeks early.

“My water broke two days into our holiday,” Huculak-Kimmel told CBC, adding that she spent six weeks on bed rest. Her baby, Reece, was delivered by emergency C-section in December 2013. The baby had to stay in the hospital for two months.

According to CBC after the ordeal the mother’s insurance company, Blue Cross, sent the couple a letter informing them they were  “unable to provide coverage” and to “please note that Ms. Huculak’s travel policy expired on Nov. 9, 2013.”

The mother said she tried her hardest to return to Canada before delivering Reece.

“We looked at all avenues to trying to get medevac home,” she told CBC. In the end, though, she said she was unable or was encouraged to stay where she was.

According to CTV News in Canada, the province of Saskatchewan is giving about $20,000 to help with the bill. And since going public, the couple says it has been “overwhelmed with offers” for donations from strangers.

However the mother told CTV they aren’t “really accepting anything from private people,” and they aren’t going public with the story for the purpose of receiving those donations.

The couple told the station earlier this week it is now considering bankruptcy.