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Chicago police are now keeping a closer eye on the Canadian Consulate located inside Prudential Plaza.

Workers did not want to comment on the terrorist attacks this week back home in Ottawa, but obviously there are some heavy hearts.

The Canadian flag has been lowered outside the consulate offices in Chicago, while on the upper floors of Prudential Plaza access is tightly restricted and there is stepped-up security.

In a statement Chicago Police said, “While there are no known threats to Chicago, as a precaution, the Canadian Consulate will be receiving special attention from CPD personnel assigned to that district.  Just like New York, CPD will monitor developments.”

According to Middle East expert Khalil Marrar, caution is warranted.  In fact, some believe all Chicagoans should be on heightened alert since Islamic extremists may be operating as ‘lone wolves’.

They are eager to strike in Chicago for several reasons.  “First, we’re a major city.  Second, we’re the home of President Obama and third, we have a media apparatus in Chicago that covers those kinds of acts.  If someone is looking to get worldwide notoriety, as this person did in Ottawa, they could easily direct their attention at the city of Chicago,” said Marrar.

Experts note that like the two suspects in two separate attacks in Canada this week, there have been home-grown terrorists in the U.S. trying to leave the country to join ISIS fighters overseas.  And that includes a 19-year old from Bolingbrook, who was arrested at O’Hare just this month.