$2M bond for cabbie charged in 2 different attacks

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Bond has been set at $2 million for a cab driver charged in two different attacks.

Prosecutors say the suspect, Eric Chung, 29, is homeless and used his cab to lure his victims.  They say both incidents began when young women were leaving the Home Bar on Rand Road in Prospect Heights.

The first  incident happened on February 2 around 4 a.m.  Prosecutors say Chung offered to let a 21-year-old woman warm up in his cab while she waited for relatives to pick her up.  When she got in, he took off, driving to a gas station where he got into the back seat and began fondling her breasts.  He then demanded oral sex.  She agreed, only to get him off of her.  She then ran screaming from the car to neighbors who called police.

The second incident happened this past Sunday at 3 a.m.  Police say three women got into Chung’s taxi after leaving the same bar.  At some point, they say Chung began acting inappropriately.  Two of the women jumped out at a red light but Chung took off before the third woman could get out.  Her friends immediately called police.

Prosecutors say Chung drove the woman to an office complex in Schaumburg, where he demanded sex.  She says he told her “he didn’t care if he went to jail.”  He then strangled her, and she played dead until he tried to revive her.  She says he then raped her.

Officers were able to track the car and found Chung in the act of attacking the woman.

Prosecutors say Chung has confessed in both cases.  The woman from the first case was able to identify him from a lineup.

Chung is charged with aggravated kidnapping in both cases, as well as criminal sexual abuse and criminal sexual assault.  He is being held on $1 million bond in each case.  He will be back in court on March 19 for a preliminary hearing.

Chung was fired from the AAA Futura Taxi Service last week for failing to pay the company money he owed, but he never took the company’s logo off his car.


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