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CHICAGO — Two new rideshare options hit Chicago Tuesday.

They’re both ways to cut costs by sharing a ride with others. The main difference between the two? In one, you’re sharing rides in a car — the other, you’re sharing rides in a helicopter..

There’s a new option starting Tuesday on the Uber app. It’s mixing car pooling with Uber. Uber Pool.

When you pick Uber Pool, you have to enter your route. If anyone else wants to come on that route, your driver can pick up up to three others. The ride may take a bit longer — but it’ll be cheaper.

Uber pool is a way to get cheaper rides on the road. But if you want a cheaper ride, say, in the air, in a helicopter, Well Skyshare is your answer — and it’s now available in Chicago.

Say you live in the far west suburbs and want to go to a Blackhawks game in the city, but don’t want to sit in traffic. You can head online and find airports or heliports closest to home and the big game, and reserve a seat on a helicopter to get you there quickly.

Then up to five others can choose to jump in with you to help split the cost.

With Skyshare helicopters are becoming a more affordable way to quickly get where you need to be.

And if you use the service and you’re up in the air, be sure to say hi to Skycam 9.

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