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LAKE IN THE HILLS, Ill. — A Huntley mom says her 4-year-old was hit in the face and molested on a school bus in Lake in the Hills about two weeks ago.

Rosa White says a Huntley School District 158 bus aide, a person who rides the bus with children to make sure they’re safe, hurt her 4-year-old daughter.

“My daughter is traumatized,” she told WGN News. “I’m in shock. Like this is something that I never imagined that would happen especially at school.”

About a week after school started, the little girl told her teacher at daycare a bus aide hit her in the face. She later told her mother he also touched her inappropriately – calling her a bad girl.

“You always think that your children are safe and you never think that they’re going to get molested at school,”  White said.

The incident was caught on bus’s surveillance video. While the family hasn’t seen it yet, they say it might show the child bein hit in the face and fondled.

Because she often gets out of her seat, the 4-year-old wears a harness. The girl told her mother the aide takes off the harness and “touches me there.” Her family says she was sitting in the third row of the bus when it happened and they don’t know why the bus driver didn’t see anything.

Lake in the Hills police say they are aware of the incident and are investigating.

The child’s family says they want to press charges and they want other parents to be aware.

“A lot of these kids are Special Ed some of them can’t talk. What if he did the same thing to them and they can’t tell their parents?” White said.

The district says the safety of all their students is a top priority. The bus aide is no longer allowed to have any contact with students. And the district referred this matter to police.