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OAK BROOK, Ill. – Smash-and-grab burglars stole about $50,000 worth of merchandise from a suburban Louis Vuitton store.

Tuesday’s robbery was the second time in two years the Louis Vuitton store in Oak Brook, Ill., has been robbed during off hours.

Police said around 3 a.m. Tuesday, three suspects drove a white GMC Terrain through the front door and took about $50,000 in handbags and luggage.

Store surveillance footage, which police aren’t releasing, shows the offenders wearing masks and gloves.

In 2014, eight people wearing masks and gloves, drove a minivan into the Louis Vuitton store, which is on the south end of the mall.

The mall was also in the news on March 28 when an employee was carjacked after parking in the garage near Macy’s. It was about 9 a.m. and she was on her way to work.

Since then, mall security has put on a personal safety seminar for employees.