Burbank woman says dog violently attacked, killed by neighbor’s pets


A Burbank woman is mourning the loss of her dog following a violent attack.

Brenda Burton and her husband were hurt physically, but the emotional wounds are far worse for the couple, who says they witnessed their dogs’ vicious and bloody attacks.

“We had blood all over us,” Burton said. “We had blood all over the house. We immediately went to seek care for the animals.”

Speaking out for the first time since the incident happened a little over two weeks ago, Burton says only now can now share what happened to her dogs Leia and Presley without crying hysterically – although pictures and paw prints, she says, makes it harder to do.

Burton says after she let her two dogs out within her fenced yard on July 2. The pets were attacked by her neighbor’s two dogs, however.

“She went out into our yard and she was six feet from the fence and started barking,” Burton said. “So the next thing I knew, the white dog pushed under the fence to come over. He attacked her. I heard her yelp and she ran.”

Brenda Burton

Burton says she and her husband scooped her dog up but said the neighbor’s dog wouldn’t relent.

“He was clamped so hard on her neck. We were having trouble getting her away from the dog,” Burton said. “She has blood everywhere. She was gurgling from the mouth.”

Burton says one dog was freed but something went terribly wrong.

“The next thing I knew, it happened so fast, the tan dog and the white dog were on Presley,” she said. “One at his head and one at his back quarters. They were both attacking him.”

Both managed to get Presley away, but they learned that it was too late en route to the hospital.

“We took him in the car…and I felt his heart rate stop like slowly go down,” Burton said. “I told my husband, ‘I think we are losing him. We just made it to the door and we lost him. He was gone.”

Burton says the neighbor was only citied for their dog not having a rabies vaccine. The couple’s surviving dog Leia has a long road of recovery ahead.

“I’d be lying if I told you I was good. Going through this situation has been horrific,” Burton said. “I would have taken Presley’s death hard if he died of old age or natural causes but to see him being mutilated like that is very hard.”

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