Bulls release their own version of ‘The Bachelor’ featuring Robin Lopez


Bulls center Robin Lopez takes part in a spoof of “The Bachelor” released by the Bulls on Social Media on March 12th.

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CHICAGO – It’s been an unusual month for one of the veterans on a rebuilding team.

As part of the team’s attempt to get younger players more experience, Robin Lopez was benched for the final 25 games after the All-Star Break. That was how the plan was supposed to go, until the league stepped in and made the Bulls play the healthy veterans like the center and Justin Holiday.

That’s put Lopez back in the lineup for the last two games as the team’s first year or rebuilding enters the final stretch.

Despite the lineup changes, Lopez hasn’t lost his sense of humor or attitude which has made him one of the more popular members of the team the last few years. A perfect example comes from the lengthy Social Media video



“The Bullchelor” features Lopez and mascot Benny the Bull taking part in a spoof of “The Bachelor” television show on ABC. Along with the player and mascot, the Bulls also worked with actors from The Second City to create the video.

The pair try to win over the hearts of three ladies in hopes of getting the elusive rose at the end of the nine-minute video. You can watch the entire episode above.

In his second season with the Bulls, Lopez is averaging 12.1 points and 4.6 rebounds per game.


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