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CHICAGO — A 22-year-old woman was killed when a bullet flew through the window of an Englewood home and struck her in the head, just three weeks before her 23rd birthday.

Police said Jasmine Reese arrived with her boyfriend at a house party on the 7200 block of South May Street around 1:20 a.m. Sunday, and just minutes later, a bullet fired from outside the house broke through the window and hit her in the temple.

Stephanie Seaton, Reese’s mother, said one of Reese’s friends called to tell her what happened. She said when they walked through the door, some of Reese’s  friends started telling her about a fight that happened outside just before they arrived. Seaton said Reese sat on a couch to hear details about the fight, and was struck in the temple by a bullet.

Several cameras are set up around the area near the home. Police are reviewing footage for any images that will lead them to the gunman, or the vehicle he may have been using.

Reese’s mother said they were planning to celebrate her birthday.

“Here we are planning her birthday, talking about she wants to buy a car and she was so excited. It’s like, here one day, gone the next,” Seaton said. “It’s just too much.”

Police said Reese was not the intended target. No one else was injured.

The investigation is ongoing.