Suburb posts sign warning to parents to calm down

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A park in Buffalo Grove wants to stop the yelling, fighting and arguing that happens off the field.

The messages aren’t inspired by young athletes. Instead, the park has an older audience in mind for the signs –the parents.

Emmerich Park has posted signs directed at parents. The signs remind parents the games are played by children, and the games will not impact their future income or college prospects.

Park in Chicago suburb urges parents to calm downPoints on the metal signs include:

  • “Of the hundreds of thousands of children who have ever played youth sports in Buffalo Grove, very few have gone on to play professionally. It is highly unlikely that any college recruiters or professional scouts are watching these games; so let’s keep it all about having fun and being pressure-free.”
  • “If they win or lose every game of the season, it will not impact what college they attend or their future income potential.”
  • “No one shouts at you in front of other people when you make a mistake, so please don’t yell at them. We do not have video replay; so, we will go with their calls.”

The park aims to help parents get a little perspective, and keep the games fun and pressure free.

The signs are expected to go up in dozens of parks in the town where youth sports are conducted.


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