BRIDGEVIEW, Ill. — Muslim institutions around the Chicagoland area have been in high alert in response to the increasing number of threats.

A father attending morning prayers with his children confirmed to WGN that parents received a letter notifying them that Asqa school had received a threat.

According to the Sun-Times, Aqsa school in Bridgeview had been on a soft lockdown all week and middle school students were given homework packets and highschoolers will be attending classes virtually.

Oussama Jamal, from the Mosque Foundation, told WGN their community has not seen such threats since 9/11.

Mosque Foundation in Bridgeview also received a threat that said, “All Muslims must leave Bridgeview by Friday, Oct. 20 or die,” with Fridays being the busiest day for mosques.

“The person who made this threat knows exactly what goes on in this area, Friday is our big day,” Jamal said.

This week a Lombard man was charged for allegedly threatening to shoot two Muslim men at the Point West Apartment Complex Tuesday.

A week earlier, a Palestinian, Muslim American child was stabbed to death by his landlord in Plainfield. The child’s mother was also stabbed multiple times but survived the attack.

Chicago’s FBI Chief said strengthening ties between law enforcement and vulnerable communities is key to combatting hate crimes.

The Chicago chapter of Chicago American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) says it knows of nearly 100 anti-Muslim acts committed in the past two weeks.

The Imam of Aqsa School told WGN that their school was the only one to receive a threat, a high school and the near-by mosque received threats.