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ROSEVILLE, Calif. — Bridal store Alfred Angelo abruptly closed its stores nationwide on Thursday.

“Something needs to be done because it’s not fair,” Katie Kortuem, an Alfred Angelo bride, said.

Kortuem is echoing the concerns of brides across the county after they learned about their gowns.

Their bridal gowns are bound up in a planned bankruptcy that led Alfred Angelo owners to close down its stores.

“People, if they get their dresses don’t know if they’re getting altered, if they’ve already been altered even if they already paid for them,” Kortuem said.

“Like they literally called me two days ago and said your slip is in. You can pick it up in August when your dress comes,” she said. “I thought it was a joke. I can’t really believe it.”

Alfred Angelo employees were boxing up inventory, even though they received corporate instructions to go home and not answer the store phones.

“So you feel like people at the top knew this was happening and just strung the customers along. I’m sure they had to have known,” Kortuem said. “I mean the poor girls in there, I went in to get information and they were like we just wake up tomorrow with no job. They have no idea. They literally called us this morning and said don’t open.”

Alfred Angelo has reportedly hired a Miami-based law firm and is preparing to file for bankruptcy protection.

Those behind the decisions that played out may really need protection from brides jilted not at the altar but at their stores.

“Luckily mine is 11 months out,” Kortuem said. “I have time to go dress shopping again, but I cannot imagine being someone who’s wedding is in a couple months and not having time to go get something else. I just can’t believe it.”

Other bridal stores are lending a hand to brides affected by the store’s closure. David’s Bridal is offering discounts to brides who bring in their receipt from Alfred Angelo.