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MOORESVILLE, N.C. — Brenda Jackson, the mother of Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Kelley Earnhardt Miller, has died after a battle with cancer.

JR Motorsports announced Jackson’s passing on Monday afternoon.

“Known for her wit, charisma and unparalleled ability to cut to the heart of any matter, Jackson became an instant favorite to her friends and colleagues at JR Motorsports when she joined the company as an accounting specialist in 2004. Her sarcastic musings and straightforward approach injected a brand of humor at JR Motorsports that became part of its fabric as it grew into a full-time NASCAR racing operation in 2006 and a championship-winning organization in 2014,” JR Motorsports’ announcement said.

Jackson and Dale Earnhardt Sr. married in 1972 and had two children — Dale Jr. and Kelley — before divorcing.

Jackson married Willie Jackson in 1985.

She is survived by her husband, children, brothers Robert Gee and Jimmy Gee, stepdaughter Meredith Davis and multiple grandchildren.

Jackson was 65 years old.