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NEW YORK — Restaurants in Times Square are going to ring in the new year with huge crowds paying big money for food and drinks including a $400/person buffet at the Olive Garden that doesn’t even come with breadsticks!

The New York Post says that’s not even the priciest plate in Times Square; Bubba Gump Shrimp is asking $799/person while Ruby Tuesday’s package starts at $349 a person.

Of course, you’re not just paying for the food — most of these packages come with an open bar and some other extras along with the most valuable thing — a guaranteed place to eat, drink and hang out right where the ball drop is happening in Times Square.

That said, most of the restaurants around Times Square don’t actually have a great view of the ball drop so even if you spend hundreds of dollars for dinner you still have to fight the crowds outside to see the actual ball drop.