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NINGBO, China — A Chinese artist spent three days and roughly $15,000 crafting a LEGO statue, only to have it knocked down within an hour of its public display.

According to multiple reports, Chinese artist Zhao built a giant figure of Nick Wilde, the fox from “Zootopia.” But less than one hour after it was placed in a shopping mall in Ningbo, China, for A LEGO expo, a young boy knocked it over.

Photos circulated on social media showing the destroyed statue as it lay in pieces on the floor.

The boy’s parents reportedly apologized to the Zhao for the accident, but that the artist denied compensation.

“Zootopia” is a 2016 movie released by Disney. It stars Jason Bateman as the voice of Wilde, as well as the voices of Ginnifer Goodwin and Idris Elba. According to Forbes, it is the second-biggest original film of all-time, behind only “Avatar.”

The magazine defines original as any movie not based on a previous written work, stage play, prequel or sequel, or historical event.