Boston bombing investigation turns to suspect’s widow

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The Boston Bombing investigation is starting to focus on the widow of the slain suspect, and a phone call she made to her husband after the FBI identified him to the world.

Federal agents say they found radical Islamist materials on Katherine Russell’s computer.

They’re working to determine whether they belonged to Russell or her husband, Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

Officials say Russell called Tsarnaev after the FBI released his photo, but she did not notify authorities.

Russell’s attorney says she played no role in the bombing, and was shocked to learn her husband was involved.

Meantime, Tsarnaev’s body is at a funeral home in Worcester, Massachusetts, where the funeral director is having a hard time finding a cemetery that will accept his body for burial.

Groups of people have protested outside the home.

The director says that if he can’t find a gravesite by the time a second autopsy on Tsarnaev’s body is complete, he will ask the government to find one.


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