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DOLTON, Ill. —  The Dolton Police Department released bodycam footage after a 19-year-old woman died after being shot by police following a confrontation at a restaurant in the south suburbs late last month.

The shooting occurred around 1 a.m. Tuesday, July 27, in the 900 block of Sibley Boulevard. Police were initially called to the scene by a 911 call with reports of an irate woman banging on the drive-thru window of the Baba’s restaurant. Employees report they saw 19-year-old Alexis Wilson with a gun.

With a Dolton patrol officer hanging out the passenger side door of a mini-van, Wilson fled the scene of a fast-food restaurant, with Dolton police officers eventually opening fire.

“The vehicle is being used as a weapon and our officer feared for his safety,” Police Chief Robert M. Collins Jr. said.

Wilson eventually crashed into a nearby bicycle shop. She was pronounced dead at the scene.    

“Once the vehicle actually hit the streets, there were a series of gunshots that occurred,” Collins said. “The officer responded to those gunshots by firing his weapon.”

Police said some of the shots fired came from the patrolman hanging out the door, Dolton’s chief explained at a Thursday morning press conference.

The video shows the badly injured patrolman moments after the crash. His name or age has not been released as he recuperates in an unnamed hospital. Whether Alexis Wilson was killed by a bullet or the impact of the crash remains a mystery to the public.

The Illinois State Police Public Integrity Unit is heading up the investigation. The group, however, has yet to release details on the autopsy, with results from toxicology reports still pending.

Alexis Wilson

“In the climate of today, it is very important for the public to hear both sides of the incident,” Collins said.

Dolton Police released the nearly 30-minute-long edited video, with police body cams and restaurant security cameras capturing the incident.

“The female driver was asked numerous times to step out of the car,” Collins said.

But lawyers for Wilson’s family say a snippet of the video shows police punching the teen in the face, precipitating her attempt to escape.

“The officer is attacking this young lady,” Wilson’s brother, Joseph Williams, told reporters on Wednesday, July 28. “As she’s attacked, she’s trying to get away from the officer. So, she’s scared. She’s 19-years-old.”