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DOLTON, Ill. — Authorities are conducting a death investigation in suburban Dolton after the body of an infant was found in a bag.

Police say it was a foul odor that drew a homeowner to the shed attached to her house near 158th and Drexel this afternoon. The homeowner found a garbage bag that she brought outside and opened.

“When she opened the bag, she discovered it was the decomposing body of what appeared to be an infant,” said Chief Robert M. Collins Jr with the Dolton Police.

The body may have been here for as long as a week. The infant’s age and gender have not been determined.  That information will be released after an autopsy to determine the cause of death. DNA samples will be used to try to track down the parents.

Police are asking anyone who may know something about this to contact them.

They’re also offering a reminder that Illinois has a Safe Haven Law. An infant can be left at a police or fire station for any reason, any time, no questions asked.