The weekend is to find Chicago in a tight pressure gradient between the backside circulation of the eastbound storm and a broad area of Canadian high pressure.  The full-fetch (i.e. “full length of Lake Michigan”) and t 30+ mph wind gusts expected to develop are to churn Lake Michigan as vigorously as in any previous situation this fall.  This could build waves that top 12 ft.—so this WON’T BE THE WEEKEND to plan Lake Michigan outings.  What’s more, temps riding these winds into the area as they sweep across the still warm waters of Lake Michigan set the stage for some lake effect showers Sunday and Monday. 

Some less populated regions reach their peak in September, while the southernmost states peak in mid-November. New England, including Northern Vermont, New Hampshire, and northwestern Maine, attracts approximately ten million visitors annually to enjoy the autumn beauty, while parts of New York, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania experience peak foliage later in October.