Blind children call 911 for mom having seizure

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HANNIBAL, Mo. – A young brother and sister jumped into action to help their mother this week when she suffered a seizure.

6-year-old Mitch and 7-year-old Cora are both legally blind but that didn’t  stop them from helping their mom.

They both knew something was wrong when she collapsed at home, so they quickly dialed 911.

Their mother, Laura Copeland said she woke up not remembering anything and her kids were in her face. “My little heroes, they really are,” said Copeland.

Mitch stayed by Copeland’s side while Cora dialed 911.

“We were calm, but we were scared at the same time,” said Cora.

The 911 dispatcher was impressed with Cora’s ability to tell her their address and phone number.

“It just caught me by surprise  how well she did and how much she knew,” said Laikean James, dispatcher for Marion-Lewis County 911.

Copeland said their family had an emergency plan in place for years, but this was the first time they had to use it.


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