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Car slides into gas pump, pump falls onto car in Hickory Hills. Photo via WGN viewer

SHOREWOOD, Ill. — Icy roads triggered hundreds of car accidents across the Chicago area Wednesday morning.

Illinois State Police said Will County alone had an estimated 200 incidents on the roads — and at this point, they’re only responding to crashes that involve more than one vehicle, crashes blocking the interstate lanes or ones involving injuries.

Four fatal crashes were reported across Chicagoland Wednesday morning. One involved a fiery crash between a car and semi in Riverdale. Another fatal collision happened between a car and semi in Tinley Park. The third deadly accident involved three cars and a Pace bus on Illinois Highway 31 near North Aurora. The fourth happened one on the Tri-State Tollway near the Hinsdale Oasis.

Things got so bad at one point Wednesday morning that state police were advising drivers to stay off the interstates.

IDOT Traffic spokeswoman Gianni Urgo told WGN that even some of their own trucks were involved in spin-outs on the roads.

WGN viewers wrote to us about their horrible morning commutes. A viewer at a Speedway gas station in Hickory Hills says a car slid into a gas pump and the pump fell on his car, starting a fire. Thankfully, no one was hurt.

WGN spoke to one driver who had her front bumper in the backseat. She was heading to work on I-55 when the car in front of her started sliding out of control.

State police are working on the emergency road plan now, meaning if you get in an accident and your vehicle is still drivable and there are no injuries, exchange information and keep going.

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