BENSENVILLE, Ill. — At Tuesday night’s Bensenville committee of the whole meeting, residents showed up to express their opposition of a new development.

The new development is planned at County Line Road and Grand Avenue.

Chris McCullough said village leadership has referred to the proposed development as a gas station, but he said the village definition in the ordinance is a truck stop.

“The original proposal included a weight scale, diesel pumps, gas pumps, convenience store,” McCullough said.

The village president, Frank DeSimone, said a QuikTrip gas station, not a truck stop, will be going in.

He had the real estate developer make those confirmations at the meeting.

“There’s no overnight parking, no showers, no liquor, no gaming,” Andrew Smith, a real estate developer, said.

He said they’ve been sympathetic to residents’ concerns and have worked with the developers to guarantee that.

“While the concessions are very good, it doesn’t take away the village ordinance, and by village ordinance, that is a truck stop,” McCullough said.

DeSimone said it is a huge win for the site.

“It has been vacant for many, many, many years. It’s finally going to start generating tax revenues for the village. That’s what we need to see,” DeSimone said.