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CHICAGO —  A Chicago family’s beloved dog escaped from a yard and was shot by a teen last week.

The dog was shot in a Marquette Park alley late Thursday afternoon.

Police arrested a 15-year-old boy who claims he shot the dog out of fear.  He now faces multiple felonies as a juvenile, including using the gun.

But the dog’s owner, Maritza Gallindo, tells WGN, Luna is a good dog.  She and the other family dog were in the backyard and Luna, somehow got out.

“She loves kids. We’ve had her since she was a baby and we’ve raised her in a good way not to be a bad dog,” Maritza said.  “She started following some kids walking by the alley. She wanted to play. “

“One of the kids thought she was going to hurt him. I’m sure she would never do that to him and he shot her. “

Police nearby heard the shots and found Luna. Animal Care and Control were called to the scene.

Maritza took Luna to the animal hospital.

“They could not do anything for her. We looked for another way. I received a call from a lady named Katie. She told us about a group of people called CRISP.”

CRISP is the Chicagoland Rescue Intervention and Support Program, a coalition of animal rescues who come together to help on cases like this. CRISP paid for Luna’s surgery.

For Maritza, her hope is that the family dog will pull through and be home soon. Her young children still don’t know the extent of Luna’s injuries.

Luna is recovering after surgery and is expected to recover.

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