Beavers convicted; Claims he will fight it

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Cook County Commissioner William Beavers was convicted of tax evasion today but says he will fight, claiming the judge was unfair and the charges trumped up.

It took a jury less than an hour or two to convict him on all counts.

Records show the 78-year-old outspoken Democrat spent 18 days at casinos in some months.  And between 2006 and 2008 he was taking money from his campaign funds and using it for personal expenses or to gamble.  Beavers’s lawyers told the jury he intended to pay it back.

Prosecutors didn’t believe him and neither did the jury.

In court,  Beavers’s attorney said the defendant  had a problem with gambling but he’s no criminal.

Beavers opted not to testify and said the judge never would have let him tell his story, the one where federal agents wanted him to wear a wiretap to catch fellow commissioner John Daley. When he refused, he claims, they went after him.

Beavers now faces three years and $250,000 fine.  He says he wont resign unless he is forced to.

No sentencing date has been set.


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