CHICAGO — There is one major move are planning to make this October, and it concerns their coaching staff.

But instead of a subtraction, it’s going to be an addition to Matt Eberflus’ staff as the team tries to rally back from a difficult start. The biggest question that remains is when it will happen.

The head coach announced that he’ll be hiring a senior defensive analyst to join his staff for the rest of the 2022 season to aid the unit as they look to make progress. This also comes after defensive coordinator Alan Williams abruptly resigned in September, with Eberflus taking over the playcalling duties.

“Would do advance work for us for the upcoming opponent,” said Eberflus Monday about what he’s looking for out of the position. “Would give us certainly ideas, how to attack that upcoming opponent. Just to get another set of eyes for advancing for us.”

Eberflus said he doesn’t have a timetable for the hiring for the position as the Bears continue to work ahead of Sunday’s game against the Vikings at Soldier Field. He didn’t list any potential candidates, only to say that he’s “looking at a few guys” to potentially take that spot on the coaching staff.

The hire would allow Eberflus to have what he’d describe as a “headstart” to game planning each week, with the analyst being either on-site at Halas Hall or even working remotely.

“Certainly experience helps when you’re looking at that position, certainly someone that’s been in the league a while or has been in the league. I think that’s important that way,” said Eberflus. “But also knows your defense a little bit, too. So I think that’s good.”

One name that was brought up at a news conference this week to Eberflus was Rod Marinelli, a former Bears’ assistant who Eberflus worked with from 2013-2017. But based on his conversation with the longtime coach, he may not be a candidate.

“He’s very comfortable,” said Eberflus when asked about Marinelli. “He’s out in Vegas right now. We talk weekly though, for sure.”

For a second-straight year, it’s been a rough go for the Bears on the defensive side of the ball as the team is 31st in points allowed (31.4 per game) and 29th in yardage surrendered (384.2 per game) through five contests.