Bears’ remarkable winning streak up to 14 – for coin tosses

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CHICAGO -- The Bears may have a 1-3 record in the NFL so far this season, but they're also on a remarkable winning streak: they've won 14 consecutive coin tosses.

While it's unclear if that's an NFL record, it's definitely rare.

According to Bears radio statistician Doug Colleti, who keeps track of the coin flip numbers, the team has won 14 of the pregame coin tosses in a row since the end of last season. The streak began during the final five games of last year, continued through all four preseason games this year, and has held on throughout four regular season games, including two against the Steelers after the game went into overtime.

Bears defensive lineman Akiem Hicks says benched quarterback Mike Glennon was the one calling the flips this season.

"I didn't even know that stat," said Bears defensive lineman Akiem Hicks. "Mike was calling the flips, so I guess they got the last four that we had. So that`s pretty cool."

Rookie sensation Tarik Cohen has also been at midfield for the last four coin tosses and says he can`t explain it.

"I don`t know how we keep winning the coin toss," Cohen said. "I don`t know how it happens. I don't know if we keep calling tails, 'cause tails never fails, but I don't know what`s going on."

So we asked someone who does: University of Chicago statistics professor Stephen Stigler. Stigler literally wrote the book, The History of Statistics.

"This would happen about once in every 32 years," Stigler said. He calculated the odds so far as one in 16, 384. The chance doubles every game thereafter, as well - so the chances of extending the streak go way down with each consecutive game.

Unfortunately, the coin toss streak hasn't translated into success on the field. The Bears have won only four of the games during the streak - and two of those were pre-season contests.

"I wish that would reflect in our record ," Hicks jokes.

Could it happen again tonight? No matter the Bears' chance of winning the game, the odds they will win the toss remain the same: 50-50.


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