Bear spotted in southern California neighborhood


MONROVIA — A bear was seen roaming through a neighborhood in southern California early Friday morning.

The bear was seen around 2:30 a.m. walking in circles and laying down in a yard, according to KTLA.

Roughly three hours later it was seen again, this time actually walking near a KTLA news van.

According to local media, there was also cell phone video showing the bear nosing through trash cans.

This was the second bear sighting in that area in two days.

Police said on Thursday that a bear was seen on the grounds of an elementary school.

According to KTLA, California Department of Fish and Wildlife spokesperson Tim Daily said officials will try to haze the bear, or scare him back to where he came from, and if that doesn’t work, the bear would likely be tranquilized and then transported back to its natural habitat.

Daily said that bear sightings in the area are not unusual.


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