Bar staff, customers hold fundraiser for Wrigleyville bouncer shot after breaking up fight

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CHICAGO — Workers and customers all pitched in at a Wrigleyville bar Sunday to help pay the medical expenses of a bouncer who was shot after stepping in to break up a fight earlier this month.

Colleagues say the bouncer known as “Big Rob” would be the first to help in a difficult situation, and it isn't hard to guess how the 6'4", 330-pound Robert Glover got that name. What might be surprising is the bouncer is known to his colleagues for both his stature and his soft touch.

“He’s just such a teddy bear," Country Club General Manager Thomas Howland said.

For 13 years, Glover has been the first face you'd see at the Wrigleyville bar. But he’s been missing from his post since February 9.

“He’d worked all day, went to a 4 a.m. bar; was just out to have a drink and kind of relax afterwards," Howland said.

At a late-night bar on Ashland near Addison called “Tai’s Till Four," Howland said two people were arguing. Glover stepped in to break it up, but one of the people involved got upset.

“The guy took it way too far. He Just came out of nowhere and just started like shooting up," Howland said. “I still don’t understand it because it was so stupid.”

Howland said Glover was shot several times. Immediately after the shooting, Chicago police shot and killed the gunman.

“They encountered an armed individual just down the street, who began to fire at them they exchanged gunfire the individual is now deceased,” Interim Chicago Ppolice Department Superintendent Charlie Beck said.

Sunday at the Country Club bar, every single dollar spent will go to helping Glover pay his expenses. They’re also selling “Big Rob” t-shirts to complement the bar’s GoFundMe campaign, hoping to raise thousands of dollars to cover medical bills.

Glover is expected to miss months of work as he recovers. In the meantime, his co-workers say the large absence is a daily reminder to focus on a big problem.

“There’s such senseless violence in the city. We’re just trying to do something to combat it for once,” Howland said.


Big Rob was released from the hospital this week, but because of a fever and an infection is back there recovering. His friends say that just underscores how long the road to recovery will be.

The fundraiser will continue until 2 a.m., when the bar closes.



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