Bail denied for mother, caregiver charged in murder of autistic teen

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Bail was denied today for a mother and a caregiver charged with the stabbing death of an autistic teen.  Prosecutors said it was a cold, calculated, premeditated murder.

Prosecutors said the victim’s mother and caregiver, who is also the boy’s godmother, told police they killed Alex Spourdalakis, 14, because they wanted to end his suffering.

In court this morning, prosecutors said Dorothy Spourdalakis, 50, and Jolanta Skrodzka, 44, plotted for a week to kill Alex.

The boy had been diagnosised with severe autism, as well as various other illnesses, and his health had recently deteriorated.  The women were also upset about what they believed was subpar medical care he received.

On Friday evening, after a week of planning, prosecutors say the two women wrote a letter explaining their reasoning and then gave Alex an overdose of his prescription sleep medication, hoping that would kill him.  But when that failed, prosecutors say they turned to a more brutal method.

“After several hours defendant Spourdalakis took a knife from the kitchen, went into the victim’s bedroom and stabbed him four times in the chest, including two stab wounds to the heart,” Asst. Cook County State’s Attorney Brittney Burns told reporters today at the Maywood courthouse.  “She also slit his wrist which almost severed his hand from his arm.”

“Defendant Spourdalakis then gave the knife to defendant Skrodzka, who used the same knife to stab the cat,”  Burns continued.

Prosecutors say the women killed the cat because they did not want it to end up in a shelter after they all died. Afterwards the two women took an overdose of various pills, locked themselves in the room with Alex and waited to die.

They were found Sunday afternoon by family members.  Alex was pronounced dead and the women were rushed to the hospital.

Prosecutors say both women have admitted killing Alex.  Authorities have also found the murder weapon.

The two women will be back in court on June 19 at 9 a.m.

One other interesting note that came out in court today — the godmother, Jolanta Skrodzka, completed medical school when she was in Poland.

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