Author: Mark Ellwood talks about his book, Bargain Fever

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Mark Ellwood

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Bargain Fever: How to Shop in a Discounted World

Mark’s Tips:

The Three A’s:

This is about negotiation. There are some simple tricks to learn how to be a good negotiator. I love the Flinch. The Flinch is one incredulous word that can mean so many things. It involves sputtering a single word: “What???!!!” In other words, the meaning is twofold, either, Are you kidding? That’s too expensive, or Wow — what a deal. However the salesman understands it, that word telegraphs one intention: your focus on price. Or just ask the sales assistant “Are there any sales today?”

There are so many sales and deals today – so instead of sifting them yourself, let a service do it for you. Create a twitter feed solely for deals, and follow dealnews, w00t etc. Sign up for a free service like shopittome, which will alert you any time certain brands go on sale.


Think of the mark-up involved with department stores – and go direct to the manufacturer. There are lots of great new direct to consumer web companies that offer bargain prices on product that would cost three or four times the amount if bought from a department store. Check Everlane, the T shirt and shirt company or Project Gravitas, a new dress company.

Cash is King
It’s very very simple. Ask for a discount in exchange for saving a store the 3-5% it pays on card transactions.

Cart Abandonment
When it comes to online shopping, think of it as a date with someone new and cute. Never put out the first time. Register with a dot com store and log in. Place an item in a shopping cart and navigate away; leave it there for a few days – a case of what the industry calls ‘cart abandonment’. Hey presto, don’t be surprised if an email appears in your inbox with a promo code or other incentive to help close that very sale. Users have reported and as sites that have done this.


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