AURORA, Ill. — A man is still in critical condition after being shot by police in the driveway of his home Sunday morning, according to the Aurora Police Department.

According to Police Chief Keith Cross of Aurora PD, police were initially called to a residence in the 900 block of Colorado Avenue around 10:38 a.m. on a report of a subject armed with multiple knives and making threats toward people inside the residence.

When officers arrived, they found the subject armed with knives, standing in the doorway of the residence “threatening to kill everyone,” according to Cross.

Police said while officers were working to evacuate other family members from the residence, the subject exited the residence and engaged officers near the garage. Officers tried de-escalation tactics, but were unsuccessful before the subject charged an officer while still armed with knives. The officer then opened fire, hitting the subject.

According to police, officers immediately started giving the subject medical aid until Aurora Fire Department medics arrived on scene, at which point the subject was taken to an area hospital in critical condition.

Family told WGN News the subject involved in this incident is a 21-year-old man who lives in the home where this happened, along with his grandmother, girlfriend and their child.

According to the family, they called the police after an argument happened between the man and his girlfriend. After police arrived, the situation escalated, resulting in the man being shot at least four times by police in his driveway; once in the leg, stomach, arm and eye.

While family declined to go on camera, they wanted to make a point of saying they didn’t want to call police and that they would have preferred to call anyone else to help in this situation, but the severe lack of mental health care resources left them no other choice.

“An officer-involved shooting is traumatic for everyone,” Cross said. “My hope is that we will all support one another and help each other get through the difficult situation that unfolded yesterday.”

Per department policy, the officer involved in the shooting was also taken to a local hospital and later released. He is now on administrative leave while the incident remains under investigation.