AURORA, Ill. — The Aurora Police Department released body camera footage Monday of a shooting involving officers and a knife-wielding man that happened over a week ago.

The video shows officers arriving at the Aurora home and making contact with 21-year-old Kristopher Cross at the front door of the residence.

Officers then repeatedly ask Cross to drop the weapon and whether there is a child inside.

After not making progress with Cross at the front door, officers order family members out of the home through the garage while waiting for what department officials said were “additional resources” to arrive.

As the last family member — besides Cross — leaves the house, additional officers arrive on scene and one officer equips a pepper ball gun.

Cross then enters the garage and officers again try to de-escalate the situation. After repeatedly asking Cross to drop the knives in his hands, the officer with the pepper ball gun fires, hitting Cross, who then charges at the officers while still armed with the knives.

At this point, another officer fires several shots, hitting Cross in the arm, leg, stomach and eye, according to family.

Officers immediately cuff him, per department protocol, then begin rendering medical aid while responding to distraught family members about why they opened fire.

Family declined to talk to WGN after the release of the video, but it is understood Cross is still recovering in the hospital, and has a history of mental health problems.

Cross faces multiple charges, including two counts of attempted murder in relation to his alleged actions against officers.