AURORA, Ill. — The third annual Aurora Pride Parade was held Sunday after a week of uncertainty.

The event’s permit was pulled last week when the city announced they were 20 officers short.  Organizers of the event, Aurora Pride, appealed the city’s decision but a judge ruled the city was justified in pulling the permit. On Friday, it was reinstated after the city secured enough officers to work the parade.  

Carolina Gutierrez has lived in Aurora for the past 10 years and says this is an annual event she and her family look forward to.  

“I was actually really scared. I thought there wasn’t going to be a lot of people to show up. And the fact that there is crowds of people is definitely really encouraging,” she said. “Me and my wife just got married last year. So then knowing that this wasn’t going to happen kind of was really disappointing, especially because this is something that I bring all my family to.”

Many participants WGN News spoke with said they were still planning to walk around downtown to mark the occasion even if the event had been canceled.

It’s an event that participants like Keri Traid say is important to have in order to show inclusivity.  

“It just means a lot because there are so many kids out there that don’t have that family or that support,” Traid said.

People cheered, clapped and brought out their liveliest attire for the event. 

“It definitely makes you feel like this is safe community. That you can walk proudly with your partner. That everyone is happy to see you and that you’re not going to be judged,” Gutierrez said.